unknown faces with known feelings

world is full of people and ofcourse heavy load of work . we always think and do things with persons which are known to us and in real word identified. 

Hang on my dear friends there are also persons which are totally unknown faces for us but there feelings , gestures are very known to us. These persons may be our servants, fb friends, travel partner , etc.  These are special persons which gives us gestures without any intentions. 

Smile is the best medicine which we can gibe and take without any terms and conditions. when you are in river of sorrow, depression and extra load at that time if any beautiful lady or a small kid gives you a beautiful smile it creates 200 cm space in your heart and 100 cm happiness in your feelings of joy. May be you are not beautiful or smart looking but you know who is your best friend mirror. just smile to mirror it will smile at you and my dear friends just keep rocking and smiling yoyo 😉 


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